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Moulin Rouge Fireworks Apron



Moulin Rouge Fireworks Apron.

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Height 33.46" (85 cm)
Width 28.35" (72 cm)
Weight 6.7 oz (190 gr)
Material Cotton

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Since 1889, the Moulin Rouge® is a part of Paris night life. With the French Can Can, this house manage to stay in the top visited cabarets of Paris.

A little bit of History:

It was in 1861, in London, when Charles Morton, a great master of the music-hall who was inspired by the Quadrille, invented the French Cancan. The word Cancan referred to the particularly noisy characteristic of this new dance. Whereas British people were rather shocked by this dance on the edge of indecency, in Paris the popularity of the Cancan was still growing. It was being shaped progressively, until it became a ritualised dance, exclusively for women, whose main art consisted of doing the splitts and uncovering lacy underskirts.

Black stockings, garters and frills dressed girls of at least 1,70m tall, who spun in contentment in a series of gracious ‘pizzicatti’, before the eyes of bewitched clients of the Moulin Rouge.

From the Moulin Rouge® History website.

High-quality 100% cotton (220g/square meter)
Imprinted with food-safe color ink.
Machine washable to 104°F (40°C).

MATERIAL 100% Cotton
SIZE 33.45" x 28.35" (85 x 72 cm)
WEIGHT 6.7 oz (190 gr)


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Moulin Rouge Fireworks Apron

Moulin Rouge Fireworks Apron

Moulin Rouge Fireworks Apron.

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